Bringing capital and visionary founders together to build sector defining companies

Who we are

Mindshift Ventures is an Amsterdam-based early-stage investor specializing in software companies. Our team has a combined investment experience of 80+ years and a proven track record in deal sourcing and execution and supporting founders in their fundraising journey.
At Mindshift Ventures we believe in the power of technology and entrepreneurship to address real-world problems. We actively seek out visionary founders who are driven by a shared ethos with the aim of bringing forth companies that have the potential to make a significant impact in their industries and beyond.

Investment Criteria

We invest in companies that are in the (pre) seed or pre-series A stages of funding with a ticket size that can range up to EUR 2.0m. We seek out companies with an exceptionally strong team driven by a clear vision and expertise in their domain, and operating in a large global and growing total addressable market.
Our team is always on the lookout for new investment opportunities, and we pride ourselves with our ability to act quickly both in terms of feedback to entrepreneurs and deal execution

Exceptional Founders

With deep knowledge in sectors they operate in

Early Stage

For anything between pre-seed to pre-series A

Software companies

That can scale fast and globally with a sticky and recurring revenue model

Netherlands Based

Where we have a very strong network of executives, entrepreneurs and investors to support our portfolio companies

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